12th Jul 2012

The introduction of SPECS Average Speed Cameras to the stretch of the A9 running from Dunblane to Inverness has had a dramatic impact on the safety of the road over the first 21 months. A recent report by the A9 Safety Group documents the significant fall in collisions and vehicle speeds on the route many consider to be Scotland’s most dangerous road.
The study, which covers the period from the introduction of the cameras until the end of July 2016, shows that the number of A9 fatalities has fallen by a staggering 43% with general casualties falling by 45%. There is a direct correlation between the improved safety and the significant decrease in average vehicle speeds on the A9. The average speed cameras have clearly had an impact on driver behaviour as far as the number of speeding motorists are concerned.The statistics show a 63% decrease in the number of drivers detected speeding without even taking into consideration the fact that the new system operates on a 24 hour basis.
Since the introduction of the A9 average speed cameras there have been 8,916 vehicles detected speeding to a level requiring further action. Contrast this with the 12,000 vehicles per annum that were reported for speeding prior to the introduction of the speed cameras and it is easy to see the significance of the impact on driver behaviour. Today there are only an average of 12 vehicles per day being reported for speeding on the A9.
We are aware that many drivers who received fixed penalty offers based on readings obtained by the A9 average speed cameras simply pay them based on the seeming infallibility of the devices. We would urge any driver facing a speeding allegation in Scotland from average speed cameras on the A9 or elsewhere to contact us if you think that the speed may be inaccurate. SPECS average speed camera systems are subject to the same evidential requirements as all speeding devices and are far from bulletproof as many drivers think. We can help by requesting information about the accuracy and calibration of the average speed cameras at the time of your speeding allegation. If there is a challenge to be made we can make it and may be able to avoid penalty points and even disqualification if you are in danger of losing your licence.

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