At Maitland & Co, we believe that everyone is entitled to access to a solicitor. Whilst offering legal aid we recognise that not everyone is eligible for legal aid. The test for legal aid is tough and we understand that people who may not be eligible for legal aid cannot necessarily afford to pay for the services of a solicitor. That is why we offer competitive rates on demand and are happy to accommodate clients with payment plans.

Following legal aid reviews it is more common for people to represent themselves in court. Whilst these people seem to have the advantage of no legal fees it is important for them to realise that they are at a disadvantage in other respects. The courts can be daunting for people with no legal expertise and they may miss opportunities to have their cases dismissed due to technicalities.

People accused of crimes should consider whether it is more important to save money or to avoid the risk of a criminal record, a custodial sentence or a driving disqualification.

At Maitland & Co we know that people are accused of crimes 24/7 so we offer a service to match. We will attend police interviews in the wee small hours if necessary. Not everyone works 9 to 5 so we are happy to deal with queries by phone, text or e-mail at a time suitable to you.